Training Programs

DST Training Program

DST is a five-weeks training program and is taught using in-depth lectures that give you the domain knowledge of trading principles that actually matter, exercises that are designed to translate the concepts into any learning style and weekly group mentoring sessions to use current market examples and show how the concepts are playing out right now. This program is perfect for traders who want to trade part time due to job/business etc. Our mission for this training is to help mentor students to become skilled traders. So, we put traders into a position to compete in the market by clearly laying out the set of skills which need to be developed.

Trading topics and skills:

  • Price action analysis
  • Analysis vs Trading
  • Currencies selection and game plan
  • DST setups Playbook
  • In-depth Inflect/confluence points
  • Identifying strategic locations on chart offering 3x, 5x & 10x+ RR trades with minnow risk
  • Risk management and scaling strategies
  • Calculating correct position sizing 
  • Trading routine and achieving consistency
  • Trading journal (Intro to tradervue journal)
  • Automated trading
  • Cutting edge trading psychology techniques

What will you gain from DST?

This course includes the core trading concept from our professional trader program which we use to train our firm traders.

Technical Analysis

There is chart reading and there is profitable chart reading. In this module, we cover the basics for newbies but quickly move into how to identify the price levels and trends that truly matter.


Each trader has different resources, capital, experience, time, ability to learn and ability to process information. In this module, we introduce our playbook of DST setups and teach how to add custom filters among those that match where you are as a trader. Skill development will begin to arise out of the module.

Risk Management

Believing and internalising the discipline of risk management is a crucial skill to apply to each and every trade. Your ability to apply the Risk Management lessons and mentoring will make or break your success. It’s not hard to make money when everything “lines up”-it’s hard to keep it when it doesn’t and you have poor Risk Management. This part of the course keeps you in the business.


The partners and senior traders are experienced mentors, who have created a comprehensive system to develop fundamentally sound traders.

How to earn what you should when you have a big one on the line. Keeping the downside in check is important but you need to learn how to earn big money when the checks are in your favor. As your skills develop over the five weeks, we will introduce you to the best trades for you to master. You must have your “go to” ideas and it is these ideas that will become your bread and butter.

Last but not least, the principles of elite performance are sprinkled throughout the entire program. The difference between weekend athlete and professional in the trading arena lies between the ears. Learn how to think big and how to think like a pro.

Our DST program costs Rs 100,000. ***(applies to both in-house and online)