Frequently Asked Questions

How do our training programs differ from other educators courses?

We take great pride in what we produce and have absolute confidence in the methods we teach. Unlike other educators, we don’t over promise or make unsubstantiated claims or the sole purpose of selling courses. On the contrary, our priority is to deliver the techniques that our desk traders use day in and day out which we believe are best applicable to  today’s market environment and produce successful traders.

The process that we teach in our programs is unique to our firm and is not available anywhere else. These deliver a comprehensive understanding of each major market including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. In our experience, it is no longer sufficient to have knowledge of only one market in isolation if you are to generate consistent returns in increasingly sophisticated markets.

Our Training Programs teach momentum trading and strategies that will help you trade any market i.e currencies, commodities, stocks, cryptos & indices.

As you progress through our training you will gain a better understanding of how professional 7 figure traders approach the markets and begin to develop your own style of trading using our framework. Crucially you will be equipped to recognize and adapt when market conditions change, and take advantage of trading opportunities that following a single strategy or system would not allow.

For these reasons we believe we are unique and deliver the best trader training available for anyone looking to become a more successful trader and investor.

Do our training programs focus more on short-term trading or longer-term portfolio management?

Whilst many courses teach only one style of trading, to endure as a successful trader, we believe that you need to be prepared to adapt to any market environment. For this reason we teach both shorter-term trading strategies and a portfolio-based approach within our training programs. 

In summary, our training programs teach a combination of these methods and emphasize the importance of developing your own approach so that you aren’t dependent on any strategy in isolation.

What is our refund policy?

We understand the importance of choosing the right training program for your needs and it is our priority to ensure that each of our students benefit from our training. With this in mind, we have made it absolutely clear to see exactly what you are going to get with us before you buy the program. If however you change your mind after paying for the program, you can apply for a full refund by contacting us within 3 days of purchase provided you have not used the product. Please kindly note the processing payment gateways charge transaction fees and currency conversion fees which you should expect will be deducted when you request a refund.