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Our Training Programs

Professional Trading Education

trader development program

This program is designed for people who want to build a full time career in trading. This is a 2 months of extensive training program that covers price action combined with market depth studies *(order-flow) and momentum strategies. This program also includes a 15 days mandatory internship at the firm. 

*Our MOST Demanding Program!

*(Available both in-house/online)

Order flow (Foot-prints/ bookmap)

Perfect tools for experienced traders to gear up their trading to a whole new dimension to trading Futures/ Stock options using institutional grade tools i.e BookMap/ Foot-prints that help you see heat map and actual trading activity behind the candle stick charts.

*(Available both in-house/online)
*On Demand ONLY!

DST Training program

DST program is a 4 weeks training designed for professionals who want to trade part time. This program focuses on building solid trading foundation and core trading principles taught in our trader development program.

*(Available both in-house/online)

Our Floor/Remote Traders Achievements

Platforms & Technology our floor traders use