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to help you trade multiple asset classes
(FX/US Stocks/Options)

Who We Are

Our Training Programs

Professional Trading Education

Professional trader program

This program is designed for people who want to build a full time career in trading. This is a 3 months of extensive training program that covers price action combined with momentum strategies to the new and developing traders. This program also includes a 15 days mandatory internship at the firm. 

***(Available both in-house and online)

DST Training program

DST program is a one and half months training designed for professionals who want to trade part time. This program focuses on our most powerful momentum trading setup taught in our professional trader program.

***(Available both in-house and online)


Elite Trader Program (Tape Reading & Options trading)

Perfect training for experienced traders to gear up their trading to a whole new level learning options trading and an institutional grade tool “Tape Reading” that helps you see big players (smart money) activity i.e orderflow behind your charts.

***(Available both in-house and online)

Platforms & Technology our desk traders use